About i2D

i2D is a harmonised team of engineers: software developers and designers. We have over ten years experience in the implementation of information technology projects.

We specialize in complex, unconventional IT and Web projects. We carry out projects for customers in Poland, Europe and other continents. Our headquarters is located in Warsaw.

Our business is focused on two areas:

  • Design and implementation of complex intranet/Internet systems for our customers
    (medium and large enterprises).
  • Creation and development of proprietary Websites, targeted at mass buyers
    (we are the originators and owners of three such Websites)

Unconventional projects

We are not afraid of new challenges in our work. The technology we have developed for tracking e-mail attachments, which is used in the development of the CV-report (in Polish) Website (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP - currently 100 thousand Visitors monthly), is unique in the world. Its development required extraordinary creativity of our team and determination to overcome technological limitations.


Do you have a new challenge for us?

We easily assimilate new business areas. We familiarised ourselves with the insurance subject, which was new to us at the time (Sales Planning System for PZU SA, MS SQL Server 2000 + ASP) or the financial risk control (Exchange Rate Risk Management System for Polish Defence Holding - formerly Bumar Group - MS SQL Server 2005 + ASP). We also participated in projects using the J2EE technology.


See our sample projects:

Polish software developers among the world's elite

Polish IT specialists have often proved that they are at the close forefront. Polish universities are ahead of their international competitors in the most prestigious global IT competitions.

This potential can easily bring tangible economic benefits. Polish software developers offer the same or even higher level of service than those in the old EU countries. All this for three times less money.