Communications portal of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

SPCC is a business association created by and for entrepreneurs associated with Scandinavia. Currently, the members include more than 340 companies. The membership in the Chamber provides the opportunities for networking with an elite group of managers who manage resilient Scandinavian companies.

Project description

The site consists of three basic parts available to the following groups of users:

  • Members of the Chamber
  • Chamber staff (site administrators)
  • All Internet users

The site is available in Polish and English. Selected pages are also in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Our designers also took care of the attractive graphic design of the whole site that refers to Scandinavian designs.

Main system components

Registration to meetings

The Chamber organizes about 50 business meetings per year. Registration to meetings is entirely automated using the following steps:

  1. Invitations to meetings are sent in e-mails using the mass-mailing module integrated with the site. There is also a capability to send out invitations to non-members.
  2. Interested parties confirm their participation through the SPCC Website. It is also possible to register accompanying persons (optional, within the defined limit).
  3. When registering, one can check who has already registered on the list of participants.
  4. It is also possible to cancel participation within the deadline set by the site administrators. The system generates an e-mail notification of cancellation so that one can be correct the list of participants on the ongoing basis.
  5. During the registration period, there is still the possibility of a mass e-mail communication with those who have registered for the meeting. It enables to provide possible information about the change in the time of the meeting, etc.
  6. The system enables to export the list of attendance. It can be printed or checked on-line using the site administration module.
  7. It is possible to prepare an evaluation questionnaire and circulate it among the participants of the meeting (based on the attendance list) after the meeting.
  8. The system also allows the preparation of a photo account of the meeting in the form of an attractive photo gallery including the descriptions.

Business directory of member companies

At the heart of the directory, there is a hierarchical, multi-level tree of industries (economy sectors). Administrators adapt this classification while watching the market and analysing the activities of affiliated companies.

Member companies can be assigned to a number of industries, which greatly simplifies the management of the extensive catalogue. Each member company may appoint persons with a higher level of permissions, who can manage their company profile by themselves. The result is that the directory is continuously updated and the information presented therein, such as:

  • Contact details
  • Business description
  • Logo (including the vector version)
  • Regions the company operates in are always reliable.

News are included in the profile of each company. Every company can share the latest information regarding their business and boast achievements with other members here.

Administrative module

In addition to standard content management (CMS) functionalities provided by the Drupal system, the administration module is enhanced with the following features:

  • Full registry of member companies and users (including honorary and individual members), along with the history of contacts
  • Meeting management module
  • Invoicing and billing control module
  • Export of the directory of member companies in XML (e.g. for publishing)
  • Mass-mailing module (including newsletters)
  • Reporting module (active members of the Chamber, financial reports)